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Another great Judy Neimeyer paper-pieced quilt. This is a large quilt and requires a great deal of fabric. We will break it into chunks to make it more manageable. The first class will be all about getting the pattern ready to sew. The May class will be all about fabric selections. We will begin sewing in June. I have set classes through July 15 but we will do as many classes as are necessary. I thought we would simply get started and go from there.

Cost: $ 50.00
This quilt was featured in a number of advertisement for the Reclaimed West Fabric Line in the Fall and Spring of 2014/2015. It uses a diverse palette of colors from the fabric line and showcases the elegance of the natural colors. The pattern has been updated from previous versions to include a standardized fabric chart to simply making this quilt in your own colorway. It also includes template layout sheets for the border, significantly simplifying and speeding up the process in which these units can be completed. A digitized quilting design is available and extra foundations can be purchased if you would like to make this quilt a second time!

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