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                                                           Santa At Quilted Bliss

We were so excited to have Mr. and Mrs. Claus visit Quilted Bliss on December 13th.  Mrs. Claus was making some pillow cases and needed some thread so she had Mr. Claus come join the fun.  We celebrated with breakfast and goodies for all the guest.   Of course I am a little prejudice and decided to show off my granddaughters.  No matter how you spend this time of year know that we wish you the very best.  We are grateful that you are part of our quilting family and want all that is good for you and those precious to you.  

                                                                        blow out sale      

We know what they say about what roads are being lined with gold due to good intentions. We spent HOURS getting the website ready for the Blow Out Sale only to learn that the most important part was done all wrong and I am to blame.  I may be a doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief (well maybe not chief but I am of Indian descent.) I am not a computer geek.   I discovered it last night in Dallas.  I stayed up late Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to have it all ready for the big online sale only to turn it on last night to check everything and find I had done something incorrect.  So hopefully I will have it all done by late tonight. But just so you know,  we are cleaning house to make a fresh start with a new look in 2015. All fabric 20% - 40% off. Take an additional 10% off on all orders over $50.00.  There are other savings in many departments.  You get the first shot at the online sale. The store will have everything on sale beginning Saturday, December 27.  When you go to look at the online store the sales price has already been figured so the price you see is the sales price.

Candy Norris

Quilted Bliss
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