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The store is overflowing with new fabric and notions.  More of both are on the way.  Come in and check out the new additions.  If you haven't been in note that in June we will start carrying Riley Blake fabrics. We got in a few pieces of the older collections and are anxiously awaiting the new lines the will start showing up towards the end of May first of June.  

One of our newest notions is Tulip Needles from Hiroshima Needle Company in Japan.  I had read about these needles and had several individuals tell me how much they liked them.  After Karen Kay Buckley's visit and actually getting to use one I was sold.  They are stainless steal.  The glide through the fabric.  For me the best thing is that they do not bend.  They are a little more expensive.  $8.50 for six needles.  In my case it works out well because I am not bending my needles and needing to replace them as often.  I am still using the same needle I started with this weekend.  Usually I have replaced my needle at least three times in a week.

We are also carrying a new Rowenta Iron that sales for $49.95.  I really like it as much as the other little iron we are carrying.  One last new product and I have 30 more on the way is a nice little portable bright light to use by your sewing machine.  These little lights are great for working in the car as well.  They retail for $15.99

In June we will get started with our Hoop Sisters 2015 BOM Sewn Seeds.  I have not been able to work on it and hope to have it done in May.  Life has jumped up and kept me from going forward on several projects.  Happy to say all matters will be resolved by Friday. 

It is only 88 days until the first class of summer camps starts.  It will be here before we know it. I am really getting excited.  We will have great fun and really learn some fun techniques.  We have folks joining us from all over the United States.  

Come by and see us if you haven't been in for a while.  We miss your bright, smiling face.  


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