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Thanks for celebrating Worldwide Quilting Day at Quilted Bliss on March 21, 2015.  We had lots of fun things in store for you.  The quilts from from Russia and Africa will remain on display until April 14.  The Bali quilt is still MIA.  If I would do spring cleaning at home I would find it.  

I am so excited to tell you about INKLINGO my newest passion. Quilted Bliss is an affiliate.  If you visit there website Inklingo.com and decide to purchase and item in the box where it asked who sent you please check Candace Norris, Quilted Bliss.  I have become addicted.  

This is straight from Linda Franz website on INKLINGO describing just what INKLINGO is--

Inklingo (US Patent 7,814,832) is the quilting tool we’ve always wanted.  Inklingo is an alternative to English Paper Piecing, Acrylic Templates, Paper or Foundation Piecing and Die Cutters.  It is amazing for machine piecing, hand piecing, and appliqué. 
Inklingo Shape Collections are big PDF files which open with Adobe Reader, so you can print pages of shapes on fabric. Fabric goes through the printer just like paper when it is ironed to freezer paper.

I draw the layouts of shapes to use fabric efficiently. You print them. It's fast and it's simple!

Printing on fabric makes everything possible, whether you are sewing hexagons, triangles, or any other design.

Three simple things work together to make Inklingo perfect for quilters."
  1.     Test Pages
  2.     Custom Page Sizes
  3.     Layouts of Shapes                                                    

When you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo, you do not need special rulers.

Just print, cut, and sew! (Or print, sew, and cut!)


Our first class using Inklingo will be the Patchwork Crosses.  If you received a class schedule showing it for May 2, is changing due to conflicts to May 23 9:30 - 3:30.  I will be demonstrating INKLINGO in the store on April 9 - 11.  Come check it out.  



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